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5 Picnic spots in Waupaca

August 14th, 2017

Here are five cool picnic spots to enjoy on a hot summer day.


#1  BRAInards Bridge Park

Enjoy the sounds of flowing river rapids and birds soaring overhead at this shaded park. Located just a few miles from downtown, Waupaca Brainards Bridge will not disappoint. Brainards Bridge Park is also home to a large pavilion that is available to rent for your next event. Bridges connect various islands with picnic tables to enjoy lunch on.


#2  South Park

South Park is a popular swimming beach in Waupaca. Located just a mile from downtown, Waupaca a good time awaits you. The beach is a popular spot to have a picnic - a covered pavillion, full-sized playground and many picnic tables for your use. South Park beach has many slides and diving boards to cool off on a hot summer day.


#3 hartman's creek state park

Experience nature in this wonderful state park located right in Waupaca. Hartman’s Creek has many picnic areas to relax and enjoy. The beach is a popular spot to have a picnic, with many picnic tables, a covered pavilion and a full size playground to enjoy.


#4 Riverside park

Riverside Park is a quiet, secluded park located several miles from downtown Waupaca. This park's setting is along the picturesque Waupaca river.  At the park, there is a full-size playground and pavilion. You can rent out the pavilion for your next event.

#5 Rotary riverview park

Located just off of main street Waupaca, this is a wonderful escape from the businesses of town. Enjoy time sitting alongside the Waupaca River, which winds through the park. Riverview Rotary Park features a full-size playground a pavilion and amphitheater. Occasional entertainment and live bands can be enjoyed - check the local entertainment schedule.



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